Guide to Radnor Lake State Park

Guide to Radnor Lake State Park

Tennessee, especially Nashville, has a tremendous number of parks to choose from whether you are looking for hiking, jogging, walking, golf or more.  Of all these gems, Radnor Lake State Park is nicely tucked into the heart of middle Nashville in the Overton Hills on 1160 Otter Creek Road, just eight miles south of downtown.  Radnor Lake State Park is a 1,200 acre, Class II State Natural area and protected under the State Natural Areas Preservation Act of 1971. It's home to the 85-acre lake itself, 6 hiking trails, paved running trails, countless wildlife and a unique geology.  The park is an amazing treasure and a wonderful place to spend the weekend on a hike, jogging along the paths, or taking part in some of the many programs put on by the staff.






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Per the Tennessee state parks website, the park got its name and came ...

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