Meet Your Match

Meet Your Match
John Holley MS, CSCS





You’ve been searching for the one. You’ve looked everywhere for the one which matches your likes and dislikes and fits your lifestyle. Through trial and error, you’ve found some don’t fit and others do for a short time, but then you get bored. After a while you are so tired of trying, a pint of cookies & cream and a Sandra Bullock movie seem to be a good alternative. What are you supposed to do?

First, to find your perfect plan for exercise and eating (never say diet!) read the following grouped statements and circle those with which you agree. The results will direct you toward the approach, which is right for you.

Group A

1.I’m organized and I prefer to follow a plan when working toward a goal.

2.I don’t like a trial and ...

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Posted Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 by Christa Gonzales in Healthy Living, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness


Spotlight: Juice Bar

Spotlight: Juice Bar

I have recently become OBSESSED with juicing and was so excited to find a new juicing gem in town, Juice Bar in Brentwood!  I think juicing is one of the best things anyone can do to improve their health and I love finding new combinations and flavors to enjoy.  Today we're spotlighting Brentwood's newest success and telling you a bit about the owners and the great things that are in store for you.   

I learned about The Juice Bar through a friend and I immediately headed over there to check it out. Located in Brentwood just off Franklin Road  and Old Hickory, it's very easy to find and has ample parking. It's the perfect place to just run in and get something to go or sit and relax for a while. The menu is wonderful: juices, smoothies, fresh-made salads (I’ll get to those yummy little ...

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Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013 by Christa Gonzales in Spotlight, Places


Nashville Farmers Markets are Back!

With Spring in full bloom and here to stay (finally), that could only mean the return of  the numerous Nashville Farmer's Markets all over the city.  Supporting local farmers and getting healthy and delicious farm to table vegetables, beef, cheese and more is a growing Nashville trend.  A few years ago there were only a couple of farmers markets and their size and choices weren't very large.  In 2013, we have numerous options and they continue to grow every year.  They've grown in such popularity that we even have a Nashville Farmers Market Night Market! So we've added them to the ACTIVE Calendar, but wanted to kick off the season in style by giving you an overview of several big one's around town.


Nashville Farmers Market ACTIVENOWNashville Farmers Market

900 Rosa L Parks Blvd Nashville (615) 880-2001
Daily 8am-6pm

The Farm Side of the Market  is open every ...

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Posted Sunday, May 12, 2013 by Michael Gonzales in Guides, Nutrition