Must Try Summer Grilling Recipes

Must Try Summer Grilling Recipes

We've pulled together a list of our favorite summer grilling recipes.  These are a healthy take on really simple and delicious recipes.  We've pulled out a mix of fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables, fish, chicken and more to give you the ultimate mix of fresh summer eating. So without any further delay, here are our pics for must-try summer grilling recipes:






1) Grilled Honey-Cilantro Salmon

Nothing says grilling better than salmon.  This recipe is one of our favorites as it combines the sweet flavor of the honey with the fresh herbiness of the cilantro.  Combined with a well-grilled piece of Salmon and you have a winner.  

2) Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Be careful not to overcook your chicken as there is nothing worse than a dry, overgrilled piece of chicken.  However, when done right,

chicken coupled with the fresh, sweet flavor of pineapple produces a light and tasty summer favorite.  

3) Rosemary Shrimp Skewers

Have a shrimp on the barbie?  OK, that was predictable and cheesy, but one think you need to have is a go-to grilled shrimp recipe.  This one blends the herbiness of rosemary with the grilled flavor of shrimp.  Make sure to pull your shrimp off the grill as soon as they become opaque as tough shrimp are not yummy in the slightest and this is one recipe that is easily messed up.  

4) Grilled Balsamic Peaches and Frozen Yogurt

Time to finish off your meal and why not simply grill your dessert while your at it.  Summer peaches present a delicious way to finish off your meal.  The lightly grilled, sweet peaches coupled with the sweet and sour flavor of the balsamic perfectly complement each other.  Finish it off with a light frozen yogurt and your meal is complete.   Let us know how your first summer grilling sessions turn out.  Also, let us know which one of our picks is your favorite.


Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2015 by Michael Gonzales in Recipes, Dessert, Entrees