Spotlight: The Original Mud Run Nashville

Spotlight: The Original Mud Run Nashville

Are you ready to get muddy?  The Original Mud Run Nashville is right around the corner and this race is for anyone looking to have a blast and get dirty.  Whether you are a competitor looking to show your stuff in the 10K division or just looking to have a good time with friends in the 5K or 10K fun run, there is an option to cover everyone.  Even the kids can get into it with the kids mud run.  

This year's event is back at Tap Root Farm in Franklin and you can even get $5.00 off your registration through our exclusive ACTIVENOW discount code combat2014.  Simply enter it at registration and you're all set!




Saturday, May 3, 2014

Place: Tap Root Farm 4099 Clovercroft Road Franklin , TN

Cost: Kids Fun Run - $30-$40 Adult Registration - $65-$75

Get $5.00 off registration with ACTIVENOW exclusive discount code combat2014



Two courses! 5K (3.1 mile) 18 plus obstacles. 10K (6.2) mile, 30+ obstacles. Both courses are Military Style Obstacle Course for runners 12 years and older. Runners under the age of 18 must have waiver signed by an adult and must be accompanied by an adult during the entire race.


There are approximately 18-20 obstacles to overcome along the 3.1 Mile course and approximately 25-30 obstacles to overcome along the 6.2 Mile course, most of which contain water and mud. 

The best part of The Original Mud Run is getting dirty. And the only way to do that is to come clean. With that in mind we are willing to reveal some of the obstacles that you will experience along that way designed to make sure you find mud in places that ... well you get the picture. Without being too revealing, as you will see we still have few skeletons in our closet too, here is a preview of some our dirty little secrets, as well as some muddy tips on how to overcome them. But the only way to truly understand is to register and get dirty with us first hand!

Gorilla Ropes           Slip N' Slide               The Low Crawl            The Rope Swing

Hole to Hades          Stairway to Heaven     The Mine Field            Tire Mountain

Leap of Faith            The English Channel   The Rope Bridge         Tunnels

Over and Unders      The Log Walk               Balance Beams         Once Unders

The Wall                   Hanging Log Walk       Over and Unders         The Bog

Tire Crawl                 Leap of Faith               Pots                           Levy-ity

Quigley                     The Hurdles                River Crossing            Web of Lies            

Mine Field                 Run Forest Run           The Moguls                Window to the World

Mud Pit           


All COMPETITION Categories (teams and individuals BUT NOT DGAP which is the fun run division) will be wearing “boots and utes”-combat boots and camouflage utility trousers or long pants (no tights). All COMPETITION Category Participants MUST wear BOOTS that cover the ankle and loose-fitting pants, cargo pants or sweat-pants. COMPETITION CATEGORIES ARE ONLY 10K...THERE IS NO COMPETITION 5K!!!!!!! If you don't like that, run in the fun run called the DGAP division any attire goes (we suggest boots and pants since terrain is rough) and course is basically the same.

Unauthorized attire in COMPETITION DIVISIONS will result in participant’s removal from the competition. Required race attire in COMPETITION Divisions is for the safety of all participants competing at a much faster pace, a leveling of the playing field and is more conducive to the rough nature of the obstacles along the course. Expect everything you wear to be covered in mud and water by the end of the race. Bring extra clothes and a towel! All DGAP participant are highly encouraged to wear the same attire as the COMPETITION groups but there is no requirement to do so for participation.

DGAP is also the CRAZY COSTUME division and there are no requirements to complete all obstacles if a participant does not feel inclined to do so. There are NO DGAP TEAMS..... OFFICIALLY. DGAP is an Individual entry but you can all run together and "call yourself" a team of any size or gender combination. If you want to run with friends in DGAP...register for the same start time!



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