Advanced Distance Training Plan for Trail Running

Advanced Distance Training Plan for Trail Running

 Ready to step up to the long distance trail runs?  This training plan is for those looking to run a 50K or Full-Marathon distance trail race.



  1. To train for a trail run, you need to run on trails.  Find some trails close by and scope out the trails that won't be too difficult for your level of fitness.
  2. If you haven't run on trials before, it is different from running on the sidewalk.  Start off slower than you want and gradually work your way up as you get more comfortable running off-road.
  3. Use your arms more than you normally would for on-road running.  When you are climbing a hill, use the vertical motion of you arms to help you along the way.
  4. Make sure to stay alert and keep your eyes a few steps ahead of where you are going so you can adjust to oncoming roots, holes or other obstacles.
  5. It's OK to slow down and walk if needed.  Take your time and have fun.  Make sure you get through the tougher areas until you get more comfortable.
  6. Make sure you have appropriate off-road running gear.  Trail running shoes are a must as the extra tread will give you traction in the rough terrain.  Make sure to layer up, bring sunglasses, extra water, and, depending on the length of your run, a hat and sunscreen.


Advanced distance Training Plan


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