Spotlight: Peak12Sports

Spotlight: Peak12Sports

As a parent and someone passionate about maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle for my family, my ears perked up when I first heard about Peak12Sports and what they're doing for our community. Nicholas Gonyea and Michael Sizemore have teamed up to create a fitness program to help "Non-Athletes become Athletes and Athletes become SUPER-Athletes."

For the athletes, Peak12 will help improve your strength and performance bringing you to the next level. For the non-athletes though, Peak12 can provide the tools and know-how to feel confident and comfortable playing sports while providing the physical exercise your body needs. 

According to a statement from the American Heart Association, about 4% to 6% of children and teens in the USA are severely obese, and yet there are very few effective options for helping these kids reach a healthy weight.  Peak12Sports recognizes the need for fitness and nutrition training for adolescents and has created an effective program that produces successful results.  Some of their clients have played/participated on high school football, track & field, wrestling, color guard, band, ROTC and rugby teams, while others play no sports at all.

Peak12 understands the human body, sports science and the effect fitness and nutrition has on each individual body type and fitness level. While Peak12 coaches and trainers have helped work with people ranging from 13 years old up to 71 years old, they hold a special commitment to educating parents, grandparents and their children on the effects of fitness and nutrition and what it can do to improve self-esteem, confidence, grades, energy levels and make life worth living.

Some of the success stories they shared with us:

  • One participant has been dealing with major scoliosis and had to see a chiropractor multiple times a month and was limited in her options of sports and physical activities she could participate in when she started middle school and even in high school. When she started working with a Peak12 coach while competing on her high school track and field team she started to see improvements in her back that astounded her chiropractor. As she continued to work with her Peak12 coach her situation continued to improve and although she is not completely cured of her back and bone problems she lives a much happier life and is able to participate in more activities than anyone thought she ever would.
  • Peak12 is currently working with a young man who has a desire to play college football and is working to earn himself an opportunity to walk-on to a local college. His Peak12 coach has helped him to reduce his 40 time from 5.3 to a 5.0 and their goal is to reduce it to a 4.5 by the time tryouts come around in March 2014.
  • Peak12 coaches are working with a high school senior in Thompson Station, TN that has the desire to return to competitive swimming after leaving swimming to run cross-country, track and field and participate in other sports in her high school.
  • Peak12 helped a high school senior at a Franklin, TN high school to improve her color guard skills and is now the team captain of her squad. She is able to complete a full 7 twirls with her rifle baton (which is a full twirl more than anyone on past squads has been able to do), the next closest teammates are only able to complete 4 or 4.5 twirls, what an awesome accomplishment!
  • Peak12 is gearing up to train middle school students in Franklin, TN that have elected to grow their talents and skills in band, drama and art therefore eliminating their opportunity for any physical education during school hours. Peak12 will provide fitness and nutrition coach to these girls and boys to help them stay active and healthy.

Although Peak12Sports has a strong focus on the young teenaged kids in Middle Tennessee, Peak12sports is also helping adults (parents and grandparents) to learn more about fitness and nutrition through the same programs their children are participating in. 

Peak12 is not your ordinary fitness and nutrition company, they only hire sports science, human anatomy and kinesiology educated trainers, because now a days anyone can be a trainer by paying a few and passing a small exam, but only a handful actually spend their lives learning about the human body and how best to derive the desired results society expects upon each boy and girl (young or old).  

Peak12Sports is doing their first radio interview with Tom Lawrence on WAKM AM-950 on Tuesday September 17, 2013 at 8:00 am (or soon thereafter), to listen to the interview and to learn more about Peak12Sports tune your radios to AM-950 or tune your computer or mobile device to to listen.




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