Spotlight: Knockout Fitness

Spotlight: Knockout Fitness

Boxing is an excellent form of exercise.  Cardio, strength training, coordination, stamina…you get it all.  Many fitness programs have incorporated some boxing techniques but to get the true benefit, you need to experience the real deal.  Like Knockout Fitness in Nashville!

Frank Wood, owner of Knockout Fitness and a retired professional boxer 26-4 (18KO), is serving up a workout that will get you results.  During a recent visit to his boxing training facility, I got to see him in action.  Wow!  Now I know why this program is guaranteed to get you results!

First, let’s talk about the facility.  It’s just off 8th Avenue South and extremely easy to find.  I took I-65 North and got off at the Armory Drive exit.  I took me less than 5 minutes to get there from the exit.  It’s a very nice unassuming building with small rooms and an office upstairs.  But, in the back, you step down into what I can only describe as Frank’s boxing world.  It’s a large open room with a full-sized boxing ring in the middle.  Treadmills, rowers, punching bags, ropes, free weights and lots and lots of boxing gloves line the walls.  (They even have pink ones for the girls!)

Frank invited me to watch one of his personal training sessions with a relatively new client.  Natalie Franklin was kind enough to let me tag along, ask questions and take pictures.  Frank started her on the treadmill before hitting the speed bag.  He called out to her indicating whether to punch using her right hand or left hand or some sort of combination.  You can tell there is an art to it as you have to find the right speed and rhythm to keep the bag going.  After about 5 minutes, you could see that muscle fatigue was setting in. 

No rest yet.  Next up, heavy rope training.  Frank instructed Natalie to begin with a movement called “waves”.  This involves swinging your arms up and down over and over creating a wave-like motion in the rope.  It’s not a difficult move but it’s certainly an effective one.  From the look of pain on Natalie’s face, I think it’s safe to say she was going to feel it in her biceps and triceps the next day!

Frank continued to instruct Natalie to do several other techniques using the ropes before putting on his punching hand bags and working with her on a few punching and kicking combinations.  He was quick to correct technique to avoid pain or injury and encouraged her the whole time to help keep her motivated.  Again, she did great.

Then, the fun stuff!  They climbed into the ring, did a few quick sit-ups and crunches, then got ready to spar.  With boxing gloves on, Natalie then followed Frank’s instructions delivering jabs, uppercuts and various combinations.  After the exercises she had endured for the last hour I was amazed that she had the strength to lift her arms.  But, much to my amazement, climbing into that ring seemed to bring her back to life.  She had a look of determination on her face as she punched her way to the end of her session.

Two things stood out to me during my visit to Knockout Fitness.  First, Frank Wood is truly an expert in his field.  It was a pleasure to see him in action intructing, encouraging, correcting and leading Natalie in her workout.  His life-long passion for boxing is more than apparent and the ring is his home. Second, boxing will kick your butt!  This is a no joke workout that will produce incredible results.  Core, strength, coordination, cardio... This is an effective workout for every muscle in your body.  Your arms will be tighter, your legs will be more tone, your butt will be firmer and your abs will be flatter.  And, from the smile on Natalie's face, it looks like this hard core workout is also a whole lot of fun!




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